Creating art that celebrates you

I truly believe that fine portraits capture memories and make those memories last forever.  That is what I am all about.  I started taking photos to preserve and solidify memories for myself, my family and friends.  I would be honored to help you to create beautiful art for your walls, folios, and albums to celebrate you, your children, your family.

Professional, studio portraiture preserves the legacy that you are making.  Images of you, your children, friends, and family not only make beautiful art, but also builds connection.  Seeing these images brings back memories and even increases children’s self esteem.  They feel valued seeing themselves on the walls.  When you walk by these images every day you can feel the joy, love, and connection.  

When your professional imagery is printed and displayed in your home you celebrate YOU as your art.  This is an investment that will be worth so very much as the years pass by.  Children grow so very fast and you will want to remember every age and every stage.  Even beautiful photographs of yourself are a memory of the times of your life.  These printed memories last for generations.  Keep them, remember them.

Photo sessions are relaxed, low-key, and easy.  It is my goal to create beautiful images that let can also let your true personality come through.


Let’s get personal

I am a woman, a wife, and a mother of two terrific boys.  While my boys were small there was nothing I enjoyed more than being with them, experiencing each new discovery as they grew.  When my children went to elementary school I became immersed in capturing photographs of them and their classmates for many years.  The joy I found in taking photographs of and for the children and their parents was my biggest impetus for creating Kat Portrait Studio.  

Since then I have had the privilege of advancing my art and skills with many wonderful photographers both locally and beyond.  Most recently I have had the opportunity to attend workshops with fashion photographer Amanda Diaz, newborn and family photographer Julia Kelleher, and portrait photographer Sue Bryce.

I am honored to create portraits that bring out the beauty in every woman, and the amazing joy, personality, and many qualities of every child.  Our time on this earth and the legacy we leave behind, of and for our children, is precious.


Thank you for visiting the Kat Portrait Studio website.  

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